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Quivive File-ManagerQuivive File-Manager

Version 3.0


Quivive File-Manager is a web based online file manager for creative webmaster und PHP programmer. Easy to integrate in your own project and flexible in usage. Many functions to manage your webfiles. Integrate Quivive File-Manager in your own project (web based file manager) or use Quivive File-Manager as your custom file browser. Quivive File-Manager is fully written in PHP5 and  JavaScript. Quivive File-Manager is cross browser capable and is delivered with full source code.

Use Quivive File-Manager as a stand alone application or use Quivive File-Manager as your alternative file browser for different online HTML-Editors like CKEditorCKEditor Inline EditingTinymce 3, Tinymce 4 or Innova EditorQuivive File-Manager operates with tablets and Smartphones with Android or Apple iOS operating systems.

Quivive File-Manager is compatible to codemirror (codemirror.net) and is easy to integrate. Files are editted on the fly directly over the internet.

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  • Languages: English / German
  • Delete files and folder
  • Cut, copy and paste files
  • Multible file upload
  • Create folder
  • Delete complete folder structure
  • Rename files and folder
  • Create and extract zip files
  • Manipulate the view
  • Several views
  • File and text filter functions
  • Preview files
  • Quick selection
  • Serveral filter for image manipulation
  • Rotate, flip, mirror and cut images
  • Text edditting functions
  • Compatible to "codemirror"
  • Suitable as alternative File Manager for CKEditor (all versions, including FCKEditor), Tinymce Version 3.x und 4.x
  • Full source code includet
  • Runs on tablets and smartphones with Android or iOS
  • Plugin for TinyMCE, CKEditor and Innova Editor

Visit our demopage and seee what you can expect from Quivive File-Manager.